No Longer A 'Game'​ But NA$CAR'S Major Income - By Kevin Douglas Berg

Sometimes, you know things are going to happen. I don’t have ESP or even ESPN actually, but by seeing what is popular and is coming to the forefront of society, it becomes clear. I wrote about William Byron, who ‘cut his teeth’ as the adage goes, in iRacing, and led him to be not only a legends champ but a NASCAR star with the one of the most if not the most prominent teams in the sport, Hendricks Racing. If you would like to read the article, feel free to click the link below.


His meteoric rise to the Premier League of NASCAR as told here.


In the present day, William Byron was the winner of the Bristol iRacing 1st Invitational Race that was done on Saturday last. The online racing venue is no longer just a hobby for those that are professional race car drivers.

Also, NASCAR is not the only Automotive Racing Venue that has switched to the racing arena. The iRacing has the Sponsors, Spotters, Commentary, and even the replays of what led to the accidents on the virtual race track.


They are still professionals going racing no matter what. Unfortunately for some that are involved. Case in point, Bubba Wallace was wrecked out in the IRacing invitational at Bristol. I guess he would have been just riding around for just a Sponsor and possibly a few places which translate into not only points for overall standings, Driver, but the race team, and least I forget the manufacturer’s championship points.

Let the thought of what was occurring just a game and not being a paid professional. Post the crash; the Driver raged quit after the circumstances, (Rage quitting is just walking away after being crashed out) this is not what a professional does. One of the long-standing sponsors of Richard Petty Enterprises, being BluEmu, did not find this at all just a game. They told him that they want to back racers, not quitters.

“GTK [good to know] where you stand. Bye-bye Bubba. We’re interested in drivers, not quitters.”


They dropped his backing for the next three races that were already committed, too, due to this careless act. They are not going to sponsor him anymore.


Maybe Kyle Larson was not as focused and understood his part in being a professional with everything and anything to a more scrutinized realm. He mentioned the ‘n’ word and forgot all could hear it, and that caused him to be suspended without pay from his Team and suspended indefinitely from iRacing itself. Soon after, an apology sent, but an excuse is just that, and those that had provided him an income and might I add a hell of a great life were not interested. The consequences of his act being McDonald’s and Credit-One bank have dropped their backing.


I am sure other things will take place as it a whole new frontier for many, and we are all human, after all. Does it make any less of an infraction if it were to happen in real life, of course not? Might it get more traction because of where it happened, I will allow you to make the decision.

The racing community is the new audience, and NASCAR and everyone affiliated with NASCAR are going to make sure the latest opportunity to create more eyes for the sport will see only the best they have to offer.

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